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Legos can kill?
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Pirates Will Be Pirates by AnakMoon

I really liked where you were going with this design. The only things I found wrong was your wall design and the waterfall. I'm just go...


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Always gotta love it when I get a great lego idea late at night. I just know how to come up with new crap, just as I just finished putting everything away for the night. Ugh!
Galactic Rangers G.R.V.-38 Planetary Defender UPDT by DanteZX
Galactic Rangers G.R.V.-38 Planetary Defender UPDT
    Ever since I made the orignal Planetary Defender, I was pleased with the first version, but unlike the other models in the series, the Defender didn't have that same eye cathing flair like the others had. So I recently went back and changed a few things with the Defenders design. I also discovered a few things along the way that made me wonder why on earth did I match certain colors up, but I cleaned things up and I'm really please with how it looks now. If you want a comparison photo, click the link below.…

One of the main things I did do, Is that I beefed up the armored shell just a little bit to help give it that look that it could take quite a beating, and still be ok. I also removed the flick fire cannons in the front top area, and instead installed to rotating turrets on micro ball joints, both in the fron and in the rear. So what do you guys think of the new look? Let me know in the comments down below.
Galactic Rangers ''Mites'' by DanteZX
Galactic Rangers ''Mites''
    Mites, while small in size, can cause quite a bit of damage when they gather in swarms. Even though they're small in size, they are extremely fast, and can burrow and hide in the ground waiting to surprise their enemy. Mites are especially dangerous against large vehicles, because not only can they dig large sinkholes that can trap a moving vehicle, Mites can also latch onto an object and self detonate. Hence why they're dangerous in large numbers. I had a ton of fun making these little guys, because as soon as a finally gotten the design to be what I wanted, I immediately wanted to make more. That and the fact each Mite consists of only 14 pieces. I'd say they're pretty cheap to make. What do you guys think about the Mites? Sound off in the comments below.
Lego Cretasia Hero and Basic Unit Cards by DanteZX
Lego Cretasia Hero and Basic Unit Cards
    I wanted to take a much closer look at the Hero and Basic Unit cards with you guys. Lets start with the basic unit first, which is on the right. Each basic unit is fairly simple to understand. As you can see there are four rows of different colored studs. These studs represent that units stats. Red represents health, blue is physical strength/magic damage, yellow is armor, and gree is magic resist. the clear studs that are added are used for when you use either stat increasing items or for when your unit is hit by a stat decreasing effect.  Each unit also comes equipped with a small backpack which can carry some potions and a few weapons. And that basically covers all there is for the basic unit.
    Now moving onto the Hero card. Like the basic unit, its stats are represented by the same four colors, but are much higher. you'll notice on the bottom that there are three brown tiles and one while one. Those are the spots where you would place the tiles that depict your hero's abilities. The brown tiles are for the activatable abilities, and the white one is the passive ability thats always active. Like the basic unit, the Hero also comes with a backpack to carry things, but this one is double the size, so you can carry items like treasure chests back to the shop to reap their rewards inside. I actually have one of those chests sitting in this hero's inventory right now. It's the brown box with a yellow tile on top. That tile also signifies that that chest is magically sealed and can't be opened without a barrier breaker key. One last thing to point out is the red tile next to the Hero. That tile is used to pair any basic unit up with your hero. When you pair a unit up with a hero, that basic unit can't attack anymore while paired up, but grants the Hero a stat boost based on what the basic units most dominant stat is. What ever it is, it is always a +2 to the hero.
Lego Cretasia Dark Castle Shops by DanteZX
Lego Cretasia Dark Castle Shops
Here's a closer look at the shops for the Dark Castle side. As you can see they're quite different, and have a much more edgy and cold look to them.
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Hello everyone, I have returned from the depths of hell (a.k.a. College finals week), and I have some fantastic news! I will be returning to my normal updating schedule very soon. To be more specific, I'll be back next week on the 18th. I still have finals next week up until the 17th, so I'll still be busy for a bit. Now the only problem I have to deal with is what I want to upload first. I've been hard at work behind the scenes, and stockpiling models to post. Currently I have seven models finished and ready to post, and I've got three more in the works. So I'd say I have quite a bit of content to post during my Christmas break. That's all for now though. I'll see you guys next week with some new builds.

Dante ^^

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