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Pirates Will Be Pirates by AnakMoon

I really liked where you were going with this design. The only things I found wrong was your wall design and the waterfall. I'm just go...


Benny's Galaxy Explorer by DanteZX
Benny's Galaxy Explorer
Benny's Galaxy Explorer is a custom model I made that is truly a labor of love. When I had first gotten Benny's Spaceship back in November, I really didn't have any plans on modding it. For me, it was just one of those sets that you really couldn't take apart because it was just that good. Eventually, I did give in because there were two features on the original model that wasted a ton of space, and I knew I could use it to make something better. When i finally had all the parts I needed, which was three Benny's Spaceships, and a couple hundred parts of my own, the end result is what you see above. This new version of benny's Spaceship measures just shy of 29 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 8-3/4 inches high. Before I get into features, I just want to take a moment and say that this is the biggest and heaviest model I have ever designed. Now for features, this thing has it all. Starting from the front tip of the ship, the first compartment holds up to two storage containers for weapons, items, or even a minifigure. The next compartment is a prisoners jail cell, followed by the bridge/command center, then a connecting bridge that runs into the back end of the ship, where a new version of the stinger can be housed for deployment. As for weapons, this has a ton of fire power. Let me just get one thing straight here. i don't use flick fire missiles. Those little dinky things won't do here. Instead, if you look at the wings, there are three of the new spring loaded cannons, which fire really hard. So there's six shots right there, but whats that? you want more fire power? Look no further, because in the back by the engines, there are two of the heavier styled cannons that use a larger projectile for more damage. I was going to add more cannons, but I kinda ran out lol. If I do get more, I'd like to add some around the front of the ship, but overall, this ship is just amazing to look at, but for a child, this is also a GREAT play set! This would make both collectors like me, and smaller children happy, and thats what I love to see the most. Ok, I'll stop rambling now. tell me what you guys think down in the comments below.
Angel ''Retro Styled'' by DanteZX
Angel ''Retro Styled''
Like many of my other models, I've been redesigning them and giving them more of a retro style, which I think is looking pretty damn good so far. In the Angel's case, there wasn't really wasn't much for me to mess with. I basically swapped out all the green for red, and added some red detailing along the wings and the tail fin. The only thing that I didn't show here is the Stinger, which is housed below. It's currently getting a makeover, and will be posted later when It's done.
The Liberator Mk.III by DanteZX
The Liberator Mk.III
If you've been a watcher of mine for a while, then you should recognize this model. However, I once again decided to go back and tinker with it, and add some new features. Right off the bat you should not only notice the new look, but also that the second car has been completely re-done. In the previous version, the second car was used to house and transport the GOLEM, but I now made that and independent unit that has the capabilities to travel long distances without needing the assistance of a transport. So if I took the mech out, then what did I put in then? Well since the first car was the main command center, and the third car was the weapons research lab, I decided to make the middle car the infirmary/sleeping quarters. I'll have pictures of that up soon. It still needs a little more work. Other than the second car being remodeled, I also took the liberty of adding some new weapons. If you look along the sides of the second and third car you'll see above the doorways that there are sentry turrets active. These turrets have both long range blasters, and a deflective shield to help protect them. One added feature to these droids is that they can absorb energy based projectiles and infuse that power with their shots. I believe that covers everything with this new upgrade. let me know what you guys think down in the comments. Like the new features? Color scheme?
Going to be doing a massive update in an hour or so,
T.A.V. GOLEM Mk.III by DanteZX
This new version of the Golem adds some new details compared it's predecessor. The reason I even made a third iteration of the Golem was to basically give it a fresh new look. Compared to the old version, I remodeled the main arm cannon, and redesigned all of the armored sections. The color scheme has also been changed to a more retro style. You'll see the reason for why I did this later. But as far as features go, all of the previous weapons and accessories are still there, just with a new look.
Hi there everybody. It's been quite a while since I've done an actual journal update on how things have been. Well, apparently I've built a whole slew of new models within the past month, and it's also 2015. lol In all seriousness though, I just recntly put out the Baby Nether Dragon, which you can see here...

Baby Nether Dragon by DanteZX

And today, I just posted the new Baby Fire Dragon...

Baby Fire Dragon by DanteZX

Both of these were a blast to make, and I also got to try some new building techniques that'll help me on future designs. Also, in case you missed it, I also posted this little thing...

T.L.M. ''Benny's Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP'' by DanteZX

Yes, that is Benny's spaceship spaceship SPACESHIP! This actually leads me into my next topic. 2015!!!!! As far as this year goes, I've already got models lined up for this year, and I hope to have the first few posted by January 5th at the latest. But to give you a little taste of whats coming, lets just say I made Benny's spaceship obsolete. That's all I'm saying for now. Expect updates real soon, and before I go I want to thank all the new watchers that have added me recently. Your support and feedback is what helps keeps me going and doing this, so thank you again. I hope to make this year even better than the last.


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In my spare time, whenever I'm not in class or teaching one, I like to build custom mini Lego figurines. When I was about 5 I got my first mini scale Lego model. The only thing I can remember about it was that it was some kind of haunted train ride. Anyways, as the years went on I kept getting more and more Lego's, and as I kept getting more Lego's my building skills grew just as well. But what infuriated me the most was the mini-figures that came with the model kits. It's not that I "hate" them or anything like that, it's just that I hated the way they functioned. Let me explain. What I wanted out of a mini figure was something that was fully functional and pose able. With the mini figures provided, the only parts that could move were the hands, feet, and the head. But even those parts were limited in functionality because they could only move in one direction. So, I took it upon myself to make a custom Lego mini figure that could exceed Lego's own mini figure in every way possible. When I started designing my mini figure I had 3 goals in mind that I still follow to this day. 1. Size 2. Functionality 3. Fun factor. The models I first designed did meet my first and second rules, but when it came to my second rule I wasn't able to meet my standards for quite a while. After a few years, my designs grew and grew into something completely new that had spurred many new ideas and possibilities for me to take advantage of. With a few minor tweaks, I had developed anew style of mini figure design that easily met all 3 of my standards with flying colors. To this very day, I still use the same model frame for all of my designs. There isn't a custom design out there that has beaten my design at all. At least that's what I think from what I've seen from other designs.

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