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Pirates Will Be Pirates by AnakMoon

I really liked where you were going with this design. The only things I found wrong was your wall design and the waterfall. I'm just go...


The darkness is closing in.
Finals have been over, and I've been working day and night to make sure this big project of mine is ready for it's big debut. While most of the prep work is done, I have to wait until christmas day to get the final pieces I require. Trust me though, the wait will be worth it for what I'm going to be pulling off.
I can't wait until finals week is over. I have so many projects to work on that this holiday season is going to be busy rather than relaxing.
T.L.M. ''Benny's Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP'' by DanteZX
T.L.M. ''Benny's Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP''
This is a model I have been waiting to get my hands on for a very long time now, and let me tell you the wait was worth it! I'm actually at a loss on where to start at with this review. Lets go over some of the aethetics first. After building both Lego spaceships, and my own custom creations, Benny's SPACESHIP! has kinda become my new favorite. That is quite a feat on its' own because my favorite has always been my MX-81 H.O.A. from the Mars Mission series. The ship though is very long and sleek in design, and is somewhat thin in the front and becoming thicker in the back end. Given its size I was expecting there to be at least one hiccup in the design process, but if you've read the manual like me, you know that Lego went through great lengths to hold this thing together. Moving on to the play features, this model has quite a lot of them. I'll work from the front to the back end. The first is that there are four flick fire missiles. Followed by an open hatch compartment where you can store tools, and seat two minifigures to monitor the status of the engine. On the top of the hatch door, there are two of the new cannons that fire the large clear lazer-like projectiles. In the rear end there are two more really cool features. The first one is another compartment, that when you pull up on the large satellite dish, it reveals two  small droids that you can use for what I'm guessing is scouting. Behind this though is the engines. There are a total of three engines in a triangular pattern. If you push in on the engine that is on the bottom, the wings will pop out revealing two large technic missile cannons, and further out on the wings are two smaller aircrafts that can be piloted by two minifigures. Overall, I love this thing. There isn't one negative thing I could say about it. I love the color scheme, the theme, all the actions built into it. I actuallly plan on buy a few more for custom moc's, but if you have the money for this set, BUY IT! IT IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!

I got something big and blue. It's coming tomorrow.
Hi there everyone. I've got something new to show you! Remebmer the Ice Dragon I did a month ago? If not maybe this will refresh your memory.

 Baby Ice Dragon by DanteZX

Well, after getting some very positive feedback, I decided to make not only more of these little guys, but to turn the whole thing into a custom series. This time, I decided to build a sand dragon which can be seen here.

Baby Sand Dragon by DanteZX

This guy was tons of fun to make, and after making a second dragon, there are a few design elements I'd like to take from this one and incorporate them into the ice dragon. If you want to know more about this model and what went into the design process click the link below.

Baby Sand Dragon

Now as for the coming weeks, I don't have much in the works at the moment. School has been kinda kicking my ass with tons of books to read. So for right now nothing is ready to be posted yet. However, after I get done with mid-terms and get back from Philadelphia, I'm going to begin working on that gunship I mentioned last time. Thats all for now guys, talk to ya later!


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In my spare time, whenever I'm not in class or teaching one, I like to build custom mini Lego figurines. When I was about 5 I got my first mini scale Lego model. The only thing I can remember about it was that it was some kind of haunted train ride. Anyways, as the years went on I kept getting more and more Lego's, and as I kept getting more Lego's my building skills grew just as well. But what infuriated me the most was the mini-figures that came with the model kits. It's not that I "hate" them or anything like that, it's just that I hated the way they functioned. Let me explain. What I wanted out of a mini figure was something that was fully functional and pose able. With the mini figures provided, the only parts that could move were the hands, feet, and the head. But even those parts were limited in functionality because they could only move in one direction. So, I took it upon myself to make a custom Lego mini figure that could exceed Lego's own mini figure in every way possible. When I started designing my mini figure I had 3 goals in mind that I still follow to this day. 1. Size 2. Functionality 3. Fun factor. The models I first designed did meet my first and second rules, but when it came to my second rule I wasn't able to meet my standards for quite a while. After a few years, my designs grew and grew into something completely new that had spurred many new ideas and possibilities for me to take advantage of. With a few minor tweaks, I had developed anew style of mini figure design that easily met all 3 of my standards with flying colors. To this very day, I still use the same model frame for all of my designs. There isn't a custom design out there that has beaten my design at all. At least that's what I think from what I've seen from other designs.

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