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Pirates Will Be Pirates by AnakMoon

I really liked where you were going with this design. The only things I found wrong was your wall design and the waterfall. I'm just go...

    Hey whats up everybody, Dante here with a big news update on new releases and whats soon to come. First off I posted a new model for the Galactic Rangers series known as the Jungle Dragster. If you like small, fast karts, this is right up your alley. The kart itself was intended to be on the smaller side, because it's a vehicle that is mainly used for scouting out the terrain. While the kart is very cool looking, my favorite feature isn't really the kart. It's whats on it. In the picture you'll see a floating orb. This scouting orb can fly high up into the air, and can rapidly spin while taking pictures of the area, which then gets sent to HQ and the drivers helmet display so he/she knows where to go. For more info you can see it in the link here...

Galactic Rangers Jungle Dragster

    Next up, we're going to shift to custom minifigures in the Cretasia series. The three Champions you are about to see are all in the Order of the Pendragon faction. The first one up is Krest "The Ancient Dragoon." His back story is quite complicated to explain and needs to be worked out a bit because both him and the other two that will be shown play a major role in the story line, and I don't want to screw it up. More details on that will probably be available next weekend. As for his play style, he's both a heavy and lightweight sword fighter who can really tear things up on the battle field. If you're wondering how is both a heavy weight and a light weight, it's because his stats change when he switches from his Dragoon armor, and his Cretasian armor. For the full lowdown on Krest and his abilities click the link here...

Krest ''The Ancient Dragoon''

    Moving on, the next champion is Rysta Caldra "The Winged Demon." Rysta is Dantes blood brother who fled Cretasia for reasons that are still unknown at this time. As for his play style, he also uses swords like Krest, but Rysta is much faster, and is able to pull off quick and easy assassination attacks faster than you can react. Plus, the more he stays in combat, the stronger he becomes. You can see more details on Rysta and his skill set here...

Rysta Caldra ''The Winged Demon''

    Last up is Alexander Thunderbolt "The Inovator." Now this guy was so much fun to make, both aesthetically and play style-wise. If you like lasers, this is your guy. If you like sniping, this is your guy. If you like causing headaches for your opponents, this IS. YOUR. GUY! Seriously though, Alexander was a blast to make. His abilities are indeed powerful against single targets, but when hitting more than one; which he does a lot, I've put a lot of effort into mkaing sure he isn't unbalanced. When you read the full description about his abilities you'll see what I mean. The information on him can be found here...

Alexander Thunderbolt ''The Inovator''

    Thats all for new releases. Now for some future news. Starting tomorrow I'm going back to school to finish off my last year, which I know is going to be hell, but as for updates here on the site, I'll try to post regualrly, but I can't guarauntee anything just yet. I have a bad feeling I'm going to up to my arms in book reports this semester. I will tell you this. By the end of this year, I'm working on two LARGE SCALE aircrafts. I've just recently started the digital designs. So nothing is final just yet, but just keep that thought in mind, ok? That's all for now. Talk to you guys later. ^^


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In my spare time, whenever I'm not in class or teaching one, I like to build custom mini Lego figurines. When I was about 5 I got my first mini scale Lego model. The only thing I can remember about it was that it was some kind of haunted train ride. Anyways, as the years went on I kept getting more and more Lego's, and as I kept getting more Lego's my building skills grew just as well. But what infuriated me the most was the mini-figures that came with the model kits. It's not that I "hate" them or anything like that, it's just that I hated the way they functioned. Let me explain. What I wanted out of a mini figure was something that was fully functional and pose able. With the mini figures provided, the only parts that could move were the hands, feet, and the head. But even those parts were limited in functionality because they could only move in one direction. So, I took it upon myself to make a custom Lego mini figure that could exceed Lego's own mini figure in every way possible. When I started designing my mini figure I had 3 goals in mind that I still follow to this day. 1. Size 2. Functionality 3. Fun factor. The models I first designed did meet my first and second rules, but when it came to my second rule I wasn't able to meet my standards for quite a while. After a few years, my designs grew and grew into something completely new that had spurred many new ideas and possibilities for me to take advantage of. With a few minor tweaks, I had developed anew style of mini figure design that easily met all 3 of my standards with flying colors. To this very day, I still use the same model frame for all of my designs. There isn't a custom design out there that has beaten my design at all. At least that's what I think from what I've seen from other designs.

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